There are no fees attached to posting ad and if you sell anything via Click Classified, you are not subject to any broker fees.
  • To post an ad, simply click on the place an ad tab
  • Select the appropriate category that matches your item for sale and follow the steps by using our simple drop down menu to pick sub-categories, if applicable
  • Input your item description
  • Upload your photo. You can upload up to six photos.
  • Once you have inputted all of your information, check your email inbox to confirm your post
On Click Classified, we provide our sellers with tools that are designed to enhance their listings. You can either choose to:
Make your ad a ‘Featured Listing’ – this will give your ad prominent placement on the Click Classified homepage and it will be shown in a rotation

Add multiple photos – add more than one photo to give potential buyers a chance to see your items best features

Create a ‘Highlighted Ad’ – this will make your ad stand out in listings by shading the background

Your ad contents – make your heading as catchy as possible and ensure your ad description paints a picture of your items best attributes
At Click Classified, we have created a category for individuals with consistent inventory for sale. The Power Seller designation let’s you create a store front online, upload multiple items at once, design your store front with your logo and of course manage your inventory 24/7
Once you sign up with Click Classified, your ‘My Account’ page will prompt you to sign up to become a Power Seller. Simply click on the ‘Power Seller’ text and follow the steps to get started.
If you do not receive a confirmation email after placing an ad, email support@clickclassified.ca to have the confirmation resent to you
Click Classified represents an open and free marketplace and as a result, we do not support language, which could be offensive to our users, nor do we accept images that represent lude activity. Any ad that falls into an offensive designation will be removed from the Click Classified site.
Your ad will remain online for 30 days. If you sign up with Click Classified, you will be able to renew and or update your ad contents from your ‘My Account’ page.
There are absolutely no fees attached to placing your ad on Click Classified. Sellers only pay for ad enhancements such as multi-photo, featured ad placement and highlighted ads.
If you see an ad that you feel is abusive or offensive and as a result does not align with Click Classified governance, email us at abuse@clickclassified.ca
If you feel that either someone selling an item or buying an item from you may be involved in a scam, email us at abuse@clickclassified.ca
Simply sign up for a user account. Once you are registered, your ‘My Account’ page will prompt you to upload photos, upload a blog post and manage your ads and all of your content.

By clicking on the ‘Manage Photos’ text you will be prompted to create your own photo album by giving it a title, a description and tags. You can upload photos directly from your computer to the Click Classified community site and at anytime; you can delete or add to your photo albums.
Simply sign up for a user account. Once you are registered, your ‘My Account’ page will prompt you to upload photos, upload a blog post and manage your ads and all of your content.

By clicking on the ‘Manage Blogs’ text you will be taken to a screen where you can add a title to your blog post and write whatever you are passionate about and want to share. To make your blog easy for other users to find, you can also add tags that best describe what your blog post is about.
Click Classified offers business owners prominent banner placement all throughout the site, including positions amongst our classified listings. To have an advertising package tailored to your needs, contact us at sales@clickclassified.ca
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